One of the advanced technologies our dentists may use to provide your treatments is a dental laser. Lasers are designed to provide you with the most precise, comfortable and effective care possible, and can be used in a wide range of different treatments.

When Is Laser Dentistry Used?

Dr. Kevin Wolf and Dr. Larry Osborne may use laser dentistry to:

  • Provide periodontal treatments to fight gum disease, including removing infected tissue and targeting disease-causing bacteria
  • Cure, or harden, dental fillings
  • Remove decayed or damaged tooth structure
  • Treat cold and canker sores
  • Speed up teeth whitening by activating the whitening gel used in treatment
  • Recontour your gum line or expose teeth with excessive gum tissue attached to them

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers many benefits, including:

  • A more comfortable overall treatment – in some cases, anesthetic might not even be needed
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Quicker healing and recovery following treatment
  • Decreased risk of infection following treatment
  • Minimized bleeding during and after your procedure
  • A highly precise treatment, focusing on the targeted area without impacting nearby tissue

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