When examining your teeth and smile, our dentists may use CBCT imaging. Also known as cone beam imaging, this diagnostic technology is a type of 3D imaging, working to produce highly detailed reconstructions of your mouth to give Dr. Kevin Wolf and Dr. Larry Osborne a clear picture of your oral health and what type of treatment you may need.

What Is Cone Beam Imaging?

Cone beam imaging is a 3D imaging system which scans your teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose and throat to produce a comprehensive reconstruction of those areas. The images captured by this technology are far more detailed than those provided by standard digital X-rays, making it easy for our dentists to diagnose developing problems, understand your precise needs and provide you with personalized treatment plans.

When Is CBCT Imaging Used?

CBCT imaging is highly versatile, and may be used to diagnose and treat a variety of different dental issues, including:

  • Planning and placing dental implants
  • Evaluating the face and jaws
  • Viewing and analyzing the neck and head as a comprehensive whole
  • Diagnosing tooth decay and other problems
  • Diagnosing endodontic issues and planning root canal treatment
  • Analyzing dental and facial trauma
  • Planning and evaluating the progress of orthodontic treatments
  • Visualizing abnormal teeth
  • Evaluating a TMJ disorder

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